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Is the advice confidential?

Yes it is - The duty of confidentiality is fundamental to the relationship between Bradford Law Centre and our clients. This duty of confidentiality applies to all information about the client’s affairs, regardless of the source. It starts from the moment the client first approaches us for advice or information, covers the fact even that we have been instructed (unless this is a matter of public record), and extends beyond the end of the case (or the death of the client).

Circumstances in which confidentiality can be overridden are rare, and powerful justification is required wherever a breach of confidentiality is to be considered.

Examples include where information is used by a client to facilitate the commission of a crime or fraud, where express consent has been given by the client to disclose information, where it is considered necessary to reveal confidential information to prevent the client or third party from committing a crime that is likely to result in serious bodily harm, in exceptional cases involving children, information of a serious nature (e.g. sexual, mental or physical abuse) should be given to an appropriate authority, where a court orders that material should be disclosed, where an act of terrorism could be prevented.